The ATMOS solution

Following the publication of The Pensions Regulator's guidance notes on record keeping in January 2009, there is an increased focus on having an accurate and cost-effective method of screening for mortality across deferred and retired members, along with ensuring that addresses are up to date.

In addition, there have been several high-profile cases where personal data has been lost or misappropriated, so it is imperative that any data be stored in a secure environment and that it be protected throughout any data transfer process.

Having extensively researched the market, consulted with a number of administrators and carried out thorough testing, the Address Tracing and Mortality Screening service (ATMOS) has been launched to meet the need for secure data verification and cleansing.

To illustrate the value, efficiency and security of the service, a free analysis covering mortality screening across retired and deferred members and full validation of the accuracy and quality of address data is available to all pension schemes. The analysis reports are provided with results benchmarked against similar schemes, which can then be used by pensions and payroll managers to evaluate the cost and benefit of progressing to the next stage of actual data improvement.

The follow-up service provided by ATMOS cleanses addresses to Royal Mail standards, traces 'gone-away' deferred members and identifies potential mortality cases. Additional options are also available, for example, date-of-birth tracing of 'gone-aways' for whom no previous address is known.

By completing the free analysis, ATMOS is able to provide an accurate overview of the quality and completeness of address data as well as identifying pensions that are potentially being paid in error or subject to fraud. This analysis includes the information necessary to enable a fixed-price quotation to be offered for providing a fully audited file containing cleansed addresses, all available forwarding addresses and details of the potential mortality cases.

Address tracing and mortality screening