Monthly Mortality Screening

A sophisticated monthly mortality screening service is available to assist in reducing the costs and risks of Impersonation of the Deceased (IOD), fraud and pension overpayments.

Pensioner data is screened monthly, at an appropriate date within with the payroll cycle, against the General Register Office's (GRO's) Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI) data. The DDRI data is updated weekly with all registered deaths in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A match certainty level, ranging from 1-4, is provided for all matches made against the DDRI data. Sub-levels enable customers immediately to identify specific differences between their data and that held by the GRO (for example, date of birth or last known address). The transparency of the ATMOS match matrix enables customers to act quickly and implement the relevant procedures for each match, according to the certainty level.

The initial screen includes the detection of historic mortalities identified through Millennium's extensive Halo database and The Bereavement Register (TBR).

Contact us to implement a cost effective screening programme which will reduce pensioner payroll administration tasks, satisfying the requirements of auditors, trustees and The Pensions Regulator, as well as reducing costs by preventing overpayments and subsequent reclamations.